Italian Dinner Party

Italian Dinner Party Theme

I love Italy and just about everything Italian that I come across.

As a English person, Italy has given so much. Where do I start?

How about the architectural style for our classical buildings, the best national food (pizza), those lovely red cars with their accompanying Formula 1 racing team.

Then there is even much of the English language, our road system and ancient history, all courtesy of the Roman invasion.

So what could be better than throwing an Italian dinner party for your friends?

I’m sure you already have a vision for the excellent, full-on Italian experience – the steaming pasta, the fragrant tomato sauce, the wonderful vegetables, the light fruity red wine, the energetic conversation, the loud opera music (OK, maybe not that last one!)

It’s all pretty excellent! Just provide it for your guests and they should have a lovely time.

So how should you plan an Italian dinner party?

First of all, look at your guest list. Does anyone on it detest Italy? Unlikely I know, but if there are one or two, cross them off the list now.

Then send out the invitations. Can you do this in a colourful, Italian way?

How about printing in green, white and red, to pick up on the Italian national colours? An image of the Trevi fountain, or a fancy red car would probably enhance the look as well.

You could also ask your guest to dress “Italian” or bring along something they love about Italy. That should get the conversation going!

Choosing the menu should be quite easy. Will it be pizza or pasta?

No, hold on a minute. There is much more to Italian food than that!

If you have been to Italy, or even to just a good Italian restaurant, you will know that wonderful fish, meats and vegetables appear throughout Italian cooking.

Just check out a cookbook or a cookery website, and you will get lots of ideas to impress your guests.

Pasta with seafoood in various forms, is one of my favourites.

Also, I like chicken with mozzarella cheese – quite a few recipes have this as a core ingredient.

The cheese course is good in Italy. Creamy , blue cheeses that go so well with a glass of red wine.

Then there are the deserts, or “Dolce” I should say. It’s all pretty good!

I think an Italian dinner party is an excellent themed evening. Do one soon and impress your friends!

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