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You Can Enter Your Cost Estimates Either Per Person, Or In Total For The Party, Or Do Both...
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  FOOD AND DRINK                  
  Canapes (or "nibbles") ?   ?   ?  
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  Main Course ?    ?   ?  
  Other Course ?   ?   ?  
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  OTHER CATEGORIES                  
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  Entertainments ?    ?   ?  
  GRAND TOTAL COST             ?  
  COST PER PERSON             ?  

TERMS OF USE: Use at your own risk and check the numbers carefully.


1. Use this spreadsheet to plan your dinner party and expenditure, before you order or buy.

2. Think through each course you plan to serve. This should help to identify ingredients and essential items.

3. If you're not sure what something is going to cost, make an estimate - you're trying to get a grip on the big picture here, not pin down every last penny.

4. Enter items "per person", or in total for the party, or both - the overall total will include both elements. For example, if the main course is salmon filet with creamed mashed potato and spinach, you may want to include the salmon as a "per person" cost, whereas the vegetables could be added as a "per party" total.

5. Please check any numbers before you rely on them. This page is just a tool to assist planning, not a definitive analysis.


Quick Tip #1

Plan your dinner party carefully. Draw up lists of what you need to get done and put due dates against each task. Some things may need to be done well in advance.

Quick Tip #2

Pay attention to your budget. Nothing can spoil your fun more than the feeling you've overspent. Our Dinner Party Cost Calculator may help you.

Quick Tip #3

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