Thai Dinner Party

Thai Dinner Party Ideas

Anybody can throw a dinner party, and it shows; many dinner parties end up being boring, lame or awkward, despite the best (if misguided) intentions of the hosts.

Sometimes, to throw a great dinner party you have to think outside of the box and do something that everybody else hasn’t done yet.

Leave people talking about it the next day and inviting themselves over again, and you’ll know that you’ve done a great job.

A Thai dinner party is a unique way to achieve great results.

What is a Thai dinner party?

A Thai themed dinner party is exactly what it sounds like. Creative, exotic Thai dishes are served.

You can decorate your house accordingly and create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of Thailand or Thai restaurants.

You can take a Thai style dinner party in any direction you want. It could take on a luau style of theme, or it could become a more formal affair.

What are the key elements of a Thai dinner party?

Most importantly is, no surprise here, the Thai food that you will serve! Get creative and get authentic, never cop out and serve something you can pick up in a box in your grocery store’s international foods section.

Thai food offers a lot of pleasing elements and can combine spicy, sweet and sour flavors.

A great idea for a first course is a soup

Lemongrass based soups or coconut and curry soups or just a few of the many different, great Thai soups.

From there you can serve more appetizers, along the lines of wontons or even skewers.

Main courses can include fish and seafood, as well as chicken, beef or other meats, often served with noodles a la pad Thai.

Spicy peanut sauces and curries are typical sauces and rice can be served in separate bowls so that people can take as much or as little as they want, while choosing whether or not to combine the rice into the main entrée itself.

If you’re up for it, you can try to create your own spiced or creative ice cream flavor for a desert.

Or make Thai iced tea, serve traditional Thai beer or spice up a classic drink recipe, such as a mojito.

Really, the Thai food is the most important aspect of this kind of dinner party. The food is easy to prepare and the sky is limit, get as creative as you can possibly be!

Atmosphere is also important for a Thai style dinner party.

Candles and incense can used for ambience as can silk clothes or wall hangings. You could hang a colored cloth on the wall – make it bright and visually appealing.

Use exotic, brightly colored flowers such as orchids as centerpieces or spread them throughout the house as decorations.

Think about Buddhist themes, statues and overall simplicity and elegance. Bamboo and woods are other popular Thai accessories.

As mentioned, a Thai dinner party can go in any direction you want it to. If you have a great backyard and great weather, you can play some tribal music, serve tropical drinks and party.

To go more formal you can carefully pick excellent wines to match the spiciness of Thai food and relax with slow paced, stringed Asian music.

Either way, this is a great way to change up the routine and show your friends how the dinner party is really done!

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